Darker The Night

Inspired by a true story, this uplifting tale tracks an extraordinary young woman persevering through the challenges of love and war.

“…a stunningly realistic, absorbing quality that will make it a powerful juxtaposition to Diary of Anne Frank, recounting the youth experience from quite a different vantage point and making it a special recommendation…”
Midwest Book Review-D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer

Hedy spends her childhood playing with her Hitler Youth group in the hills of Western Germany. When the Führer’s troops march across Europe, Hedy is determined to help the soldiers by becoming a physical therapist. The Nazis, however, have other plans. Suddenly she finds herself assembling airplanes, dodging bombs, battling hunger, and standing up to the invading tanks.

As the pride in her country is shattered with the news of the Nazi atrocities, her father reminds her, “The darker the night, the brighter the stars.” Is her star the charming American Counter-Intelligence Agent who keeps appearing in unusual places?